I enjoy learning languages. Back when I was studying English in my home country of Japan, I relied on textbooks and grammar-focused English classes as my main learning methods. This was expensive and not very fun. After moving to the United States to go to college, I realized that I actually knew very little about the kind of English that native speakers really use in everyday conversations. Although my grammar may have been great, I realized that to really speak English fluently, the way native speakers do, I needed to understand the expressions and slang that native speakers use, as well as the culture. Now I’m passionate about providing a great way to learn English how it’s really spoken in everyday conversations, at no or little cost. Culips is an amazing way to do that, and it’s the kind of resource I wish had been available when I was studying English back in Japan. My goal for Culips is that we’ll be able to help millions of people around the globe to communicate fluently and confidently in English.